New York

Ciao! I am Augusto Avila Jr. Welcome to my little design space I like to call Studio Avila which features my work, slices of my thoughts on the design process and my personal sources of inspiration. I studied Fine Art at Indiana / Purdue University in Fort Wayne, Indiana and studied Graphic design at Orlando College in Orlando, Florida. In addition, I earned a B.A. in Psychology from Southeastern University.

I’m currently based in Orlando, Florida and I love being busy creating purposeful art for churches, bands and community based organizations. I have about 18 years experience as a professional in web development and graphic design. Currently, I spend most of my time as the lead designer in the web department at Christ For All Nations.

In addition to art and design, I’ve been a student of drumming for as long as I can remember (I’ve always wanted to play for Sting). As a result I love talking about being an artist, drumming, and the far reaching affects of both disciplines. However, without any hesitation, I’m in my best place when I spend every morning enjoying a cappuccino and a croissant with my wife Jenna.


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