I’ve never been much of a fan of knitting. Perhaps, I never really appreciated the skill required to do it well. This video, created by Jesse Brass, introduced me to the potential and power of knitted artwork when in the hands of a skilled artist. The featured artist is Cayce Zavaglia. Cayce constructs moving portraits of people she knows closely depicting visual stories which are relatable and human and shares her philosophy behind her art.

So, here’s what this video conveyed to me. We are complicated beings. Our life journey affects us in ways we would rather not show to the world. We begin to believe our imperfections hinder our potential for greatness. Sometimes, i’d dare say most times, greatness is built on a grand list of broken items somehow brought together to create a beautiful you. What cannot be seen is as important as what is showcased because it holds the meaning of the story.

Get a closer look at the work of Cayce Zavaglia by visiting her website at www.caycezavaglia.com.

“I can’t do portraits of people that I’m not connected to. I think there’s something about doing people that I know intimately, that puts something in the portrait that I can’t put into words .”

– Cayce Zavaglia