The Creative Cross Project

This little project was born out of a dry creative season I experienced over a year and a half ago. Along with hopes of finding some creative juice I also wanted to connect the creative process to my faith. As a result, what I like to call “Daily Crosses” was born.

My objective was to design crosses inspired from my daily devotions. At first, the challenge was overwhelming. Instead of helping me feel creative the pressure to produce something worth sharing everyday made it difficult to simply be creative. Eventually, I relaxed and allowed myself to be imperfect and push things out as I was inspired to do so. I learned things throughout the process related to art and design but even more about my personal character tendencies.

In any case, the journey has been an unrelenting education pushing me forward. I’ve renamed this collection THE CREATIVE CROSS PROJECT. These images are the highlights of my journey, which still continues today. Hope you enjoy. I would love to hear your feelings about this collection. Shoot me a message at View the entire collection of cross themed designs at

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